AMA Session with AMA Lovers Club (TG) January 29th 2022

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Here is the AMA session AMA LOVERS CLUB held with MahaDAO on their Telegram Channel which has been given below for ease of reference:

Date and Time : Saturday, 29th January, 2022 ; 3.00 PM UTC.
Venue : Telegram Channel Telegram: Contact @amaloversclub
Host : Aim -amaloversclub (@hon_aim) herewith referred to as “Aim

Segment 1 - Introduction and Basic Questions

Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on MahaDAO?

I have been a techie for the most part of my life. Blockchain has inspired me from the get-go. The idea of a transparent, trustless & effortless system is one that can & will emulate the non-transparent traditional systems that currently exist.

With that being said, I have had my share of crypto projects as you mentioned with CryptoControl, Vezures & Intellibuzz. All very successful in their respective niche. I have had my share of successes and failures and in no way has this been a highway ride.

And now with MahaDAO, hopefully we will be able to achieve great successes together

My cofounder is Pranay Sanghavi, he handles the business, ecosystem growth strategy and investment side of things at MahaDAO. He started his first company when he was 19 while in college, in telecom & networking space. Setup 9 sites in Mumbai with over 7000+ business customers and exited all of them within a period ~3 years.

Can you introduce MahaDAO, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage?

MahaDAO picks up where previous decentralised autonomous organizations left off, introducing the concept of a valuecoin, as opposed to a stablecoin.

Today we’re here to talk about ARTH - the first community in fact that we’d be eager to discuss about ARTH, share exciting updates and hear from this great community.

With ARTH we have gone far and deep in the stablecoin sector with a timeless concept of a ‘valuecoin’, a totally new class of asset as we like to believe. Unlike traditional fiat-backed (or dollar pegged) stable coins, which lose their purchasing power to inflation, MahaDAO’s valuecoin appreciates.

ARTH is pegged to a basket of anti-corelated, carefully hedged proportionate assets called the Arth Global Measurement Unit (GMU) and is designed to maintain its purchasing power over time regardless of wider market movements.

Can you tell us some of your achievements so far, and share your roadmap with us on what next you want to accomplish next in the project?

So recently we launched MAHA staking that allows people who hold MAHA to get staking rewards in MAHA, ARTH and many other crypto coins

Users can stake MAHA at

Besides that we are on track with our roadmap for launching more new products in the defi space around ARTH and MAHA , this includes, lending protocols, more staking pools, wallets and more.

{MAHA Staking seems to be one of the biggest achievements of MahaDAO}

Can you brief us about Mahastaking and what is the benefit I get when I stake my $MAHA?


Yes ser; with over 13% of supply locked and increasing

with an average vesting period of over 3.2 years

By staking your MAHA at

You get rewards in multiple tokens; MAHA, ARTH, USDC, and other blockchain tokens. These rewards keep on accumulating to MAHA stakers; And the APR for stakers is based on how long they stake;

Currently if you stake MAHA for 4 years, you will get 103% APR every year…

Finally, We observed you are launching Mahachain. Could you tell us more about Mahachain and what makes it better than other chains?

Yes that is the second most exciting project we have ; Introducing MahaChain, the DAO-powered blockchain

We recently announced the launch of MahaChain, a revolutionary blockchain with built-in robust economic policies powered by smart contracts. It is a new kind of blockchain that incentivises dapp owners in a decentralised manner (in maha tokens) for contributing to growth the mahachain

Bearing a resemblance with policies issued by a central bank, MahaChain implements different economic policies, such as quantitative easing, buybacks, interest rates to promote and boost the growth of decentralized applications (DApp) within the MahaChain ecosystem in a decentralized environment.

this is

Thank you Steven for the brief introduction to the MahaDAO project. This brings us to the end of the introduction segment, we now proceed to the community live segment.

Segment 2 - Live Segment

1. Abisola: (winning question)
ARTH claims to give financial freedom with no volatility. Is it actually possible for any coin not to experience a decrease in price at one point in time? Even BTC which is the king of all coins often fall especially when there’s a bad news or FUD? How does ARTH attain this stability?

So basically ARTH will be backed by collateral that has an increasing value over time; even BTC over the long run has appreciated over time; Since in the long run the underlying assets do appreciate; we are able to also show how ARTH can appreciate as well.

2. CRYPTOLINE: (winning question)
Will $maha be added to your liquidity pool? To make it more scarce and there by increase the price of Maha?
What relationship does Maha has with $ARTH?

Yes; MAHA is going to be used for LP and it is the governance token that will secure the ARTH token

3. Taiwo Bisayo:
How is MAHADAO going to maintains its BUYING POWER irrespective of which DIRECTION the MARKET moves in? Can you give us more details about this as I don’t think that might be POSSIBLE . Cause it is obvious people only want to buy when the market is green so they could FOMO in.

It’s done with a secure peg that is backed by 80% and 20% gold and bitcoin; because this peg has assets which are hedged against itself; it makes the overall buying power secure irrespective of which direction the market moves

4. ZekeJay: (winning question)
I read that Maha is on Anyswap, can you tell us what ANYSWAP is? There have been issues with the Mahax staking reward page in terms of APR rate calculation and distribution, have you resolve this issue? Will you compensate stakers for these issues?

Yes; those who have staked before and have had issues with the APR will get compensated in MAHA plus a bit extra

According to your roadmap, the Gasless Wallet for ARTH is scheduled to launch any time soon. Can you give us a sneak peak on how this wallet will work? Will the Gasless Wallet be working for ARTH alone or will any other tokens be integrating in it?

On Monday beta link for the gasless wallet be released; do check it out :slightly_smiling_face: from our announcement channel

6. Kendrick B: (winning question)
What assurance can you give to we ARTH coin holders that no matter the nature of market we will still have purchasing power as stated in your white paper?. Also, I tried getting the MAHA tokens and I was told it doesn’t appear on the active token list, what can I do from there?

the best place to get maha is from; also the maintenance of the peg is backed by a lot of research: Global Measurement Unit Calcuations - Google Sheets here is speek of it

Closing Remarks

Kindly share all useful links to the MahaDAO project as well as any available infographics so our community can follow up on the project.

Pls join us on telegram @mahadao our nigeria community @MahaDaoNigeria and follow us on twitter: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much for your time it really a pleasure having you on board hope to see you some other time.

Before we conclude the AMA session, do you have any information you will like to share with the ALC community?

Do join us for our upcomimg staking campaign where we will give out a brand new Tesla to maha stakers; Stake MAHA at for more info :slightly_smiling_face:

that is all; thank you for having me

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